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Xtreme Rules

Rebel Mission Temp.jpeg

In matters of life and death—and love—sometimes Xtreme Rules apply…

Bruce Winston spends most of his time on skis. Whether it’s taking out national security threats with the Xtreme Ops team or just for fun, his life is all about hitting the powder. Lately, though, he’s found yet another reason to be on the slopes: a stunning ski instructor who might’ve gotten herself into the kind of trouble only someone like him can fix.

Cleo Carver is used to men hitting on her at work. But Winston is different. Together, they generate enough steam to melt every slope in Alaska. But just when she’s ready to claim her sexy military man, she stumbles across a potential terrorist who has no intention of letting her get to happily ever after.

Winston will do everything in his power to save Cleo and neutralize the bad guys. But at the end of the day, will it be enough to keep their new romance from ending in tragedy?

If action and adventure in the mountains and smoking-hot nights spent in front of crackling fires are your thing, 1-CLICK XTREME RULES and continue the Xtreme Ops BINGE.

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